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Introducing our safest
PID technology yet!


Fixed VOC detection for
maximum plant and worker safety

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Introducing our new
low cost VOC detector!


Provides the most accurate,
reliable detection, with minimal drift

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Introducing the world's first
benzene specific monitor


Ultimate protection for plant,
workforce and environment

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"In our opinion Tiger beats the competition in
terms of performance, functionality, reliability and design."

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Welcome to Ion Science

Ion Science is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced VOC detectors and photoionisation detection (PID) sensor technology.

Our range of PID instruments have a dynamic detection range of ppb to 20,000 ppm for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and a unique in-built resistance to humidity and contamination. Browse our product pages for the VOC, gas leak detector, mercury detector or corrosion monitor best suited to your application. 

Ion Science are recruiting! Join our friendly team - visit our vacancies page for more info.

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Support Enquiries & Sales

Support Enquiries & Sales

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Customer Testimonials

PhoCheck Tiger

“What I liked about the PhoCheck Tiger was its ease of use. The customer service received was great with an overall rating of 10/10! I am happy to say that there have been no problems to date with the instrument.”

Adam Wrubel, Field Geologist, ATC Associates

Hydrogen Flux Monitoring

Hydrogen Flux Monitoring

Visit our Hydrogen Flux pages providing dedicated information and our unique Hydrosteel corrosion monitors.

Service Centre Portal

Authorised Service Centre Portal

As an Ion Science Service Centre you are able to access our secure portal where you can find a host of information to support you. Login or sign up here.

Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

Find the right product for your application by visiting our Application pages .