Gascheck gas leak detector used by Russian Bioanalytical Laboratory

Russian Bioanalytical Laboratory are using a Handheld instrument monitors for nitrogen and argon leaks as part of pivotal gas management system.

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Yuri Dzhurko, Ph.D, Senior Analyst at Quinta-Analytica Yaroslavl:

Monitoring nitrogen and argon leaks is an important part of our gas management system. We chose the ION Science GasCheck G gas leak detector following a recommendation.

Having increased the number of gas generators and argon tanks in its bioanalytical laboratory, Russia-based Quinta-Analytica Yaroslavl, purchased an advanced GasCheck G gas leak detector from leading global specialist in gas detection instrumentation for occupational health and environmental monitoring, ION Science.

Founded in 1997, Quinta is an established provider of multiple R&D and regulatory services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and generic drug industries. The company’s main activities are pharmacokinetics and BA/ BE clinical studies (EMA, FDA, CAN, Russia), bioanalytics, drug analysis, including method development and transfer (GMP/GLP analytics of drug substances, final dosage forms and metabolites), batch QC release, stability studies, analytics in inhalation antiasthmatics, peptides and proteins.

 GasCheck Models Available: