Tiger LT PID helps ensure safe export of hazardous waste

Tabib Toxic Waste Services Ltd uses intrinsically safe handheld instrument to monitor VOCs in box containers being sent to Europe from Israel.

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Daniel Stern, Technologist at Tabib Toxic Waste Service:

Tabib holds an export license for recycling, treating and destroying all types of hazardous waste, in line with the Basel Convention. This means we are authorised by Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection to export toxic waste for treatment abroad. We have treatment and destruction facilities outside of Israel that specialise in all types of hazardous waste.

Tabib Toxic Waste Services Ltd has purchased a second Tiger handheld photoionisation detector (PID) from ION Science to ensure the safe export of hazardous waste from a new hazardous waste transfer station in Israel.

Tabib, which repackages and exports hazardous waste materials, is using the intrinsically safe TigerLT instrument to monitor levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in box containers before they are sent to Europe.

Tabib provides comprehensive solutions for all types of waste, from the generation phase to the delivery of waste to its final destination. Since the company was established in 1992, it has become a leader in its field, thanks to the increased awareness of environmental issues and increased enforcement of environmental laws in Israel.

Tabib operate a few sites in Israel, for treating & recycling industrial, hazardous waste and the largest transfer stations in Israel for hazardous waste. Since they have limited solutions in Israel for hazardous waste, Tabib have expanded thier activities abroad and now manage transboundary movements of waste.

 Tiger Models Available: