Methyl ethyl ketone

MEK, 2-butanone, ethyl methyl ketone, methyl acetone, meetco

How to detect Methyl ethyl ketone

Formula: C4H8O | CAS: 78-93-3

Synonyms: MEK, 2-butanone, ethyl methyl ketone, methyl acetone, meetco

MEK is a solvent used in the preparation of fibres, resins, gums, lubricating oils, varnishes, films and coatings. It is used in manufacture of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, synthetic rubber, inks and textiles.


Specification Value/Information
Formula C4H8O
CAS no. 78-93-3
Gas Response Factor, 11.7 eV 1.2
Gas Response Factor, 10.6 eV 0.96
Gas Response Factor, 10.0 eV 2
ppm per mg/m⁻³, (20 °C, 1 bar) 0.334
Molecular Weight, g/mole 72.0
Melting point, °C -87
Boiling point, °C 80
Flash point, °C -3.3
Upper Explosive Limit, % 10
Lower Explosive Limit, % 1.8
Density,⁻³ 0.805
Specification Value/Information
Ionisation Energy, eV 9.51
EH40 TWA, ppm 200
EH40 TWA, mg.m⁻³ 600
EH40 STEL, ppm 300
EH40 STEL, mg.m⁻³ 899
NIOSH ST, ppm 300
NIOSH TWA REL, ppm 200
NIOSH ST, mg.m⁻³ 885
NIOSH TWA REL, mg.m⁻³ 590
NIOSH IDLH, ppm 3000
OSHA TWA PEL, ppm 200
OSHA TWA PEL, mg.m⁻³ 590