Gas Sensors for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

ION Science leading PID sensors are recognised around the world by original equipment manufacturers for their longevity, stability and critically their resistance to humidity, so are ideal for deployment across a wide range of testing environments and diverse applications.

Applications where our MiniPID gas sensors can be found include:

  • Environmental source monitoring
  • Ambient air and stack monitoring
  • Fence-line monitoring indoor and outdoor monitoring
  • Fugitive emissions
  • Clean rooms
  • Electronics component manufacture
  • LDAR – Leak detection
  • Worker exposure
  • Headspace monitoring
  • Stack emissions
  • Detailed site analysis surveys
  • Soil contamination remediation
  • Aerospace
  • Food & Beverage
  • Law enforcement
  • Arson investigation
  • Fumigation
  • Monitoring cleanrooms
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Gas Sensors for OEMs

10.0 eV Gas Sensor – MiniPID 2

Range: 0 to >100 ppm. Minimum detection limit: 5 ppb. 10.0 eV lamp. The 10.0 eV gas sensor - MiniPID 2 is used for enhanced selectivity of compounds with lower ionisation energies.

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11.7 eV Gas Sensor – MiniPID 2

Range: 0 to >100 ppm. Minimum detection limit: 100 ppb. 11.7 eV lamp. The 11.7 eV gas sensor lamp extends the range of detectable compounds, only available from ION Science.

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High Sensitivity Gas Sensor – MiniPID 2

Range: 0 to 3 ppm. Minimum detection limit: 0.5 ppb. 10.6 eV lamp. The high sensitivity gas sensor, is the highest sensitivity gas sensor for sub PPB level detection.

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PPB Gas Sensor – MiniPID 2

Range: 0 to >40 ppm. Minimum detection limit: 1 ppb. 10.6 eV lamp. The PPB gas sensor - MiniPID 2 is optimised to deliver an exceptionally low background which allows for optimum low-end sensitivity.

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PPM Gas Sensor – MiniPID 2

Range: 0 to 4000 ppm. Minimum detection limit: 100 ppb. 10.6 eV lamp. The PPM gas sensor - MiniPID 2 is designed for detecting VOCs over the widest dynamic range on the market without compromising performance.

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Blackline Safety

Advanced ION Science PID sensors are now part of our overall G7 gas detection portfolio and CEO and Chairman for Blackline Safety services that include a lifetime sensor warranty. Businesses that have not been able to justify the expense of PID technology can now affordably deploy across their teams with known costs. Further, our G7 Complete leasing program can provide these capabilities with affordable monthly payments and zero startup fees.

CEO and ChairmanBlackline Safety
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Industry Guides

ION Science has a wealth of knowledge of gas detection technologies across many diverse industries and applications. This information has been collated into useful industry guides for you to download.

Please click the link below to view our range of industry resources:

Industry Guides

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