Fixed continuous PID monitors pump seals for leaks of different grades of solvents in the C6-C9 aromatic compound range

In a move to further strengthen its good manufacturing practices (GMP), petrochemical manufacturer, USA-based Monument Chemical has installed several Falco fixed continuous photoionization detectors (PIDs) from Ion Science. Chosen for its humidity resistant design and accuracy, the high-performance instruments are monitoring pump seals for potential leaks of different grades of solvents in the C6-C9 total aromatic compound (TAC) range.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Monument Chemical serves the speciality chemicals industry with locations in the heart of manufacturing hubs in the US and Europe. The company produces a variety of solvents, intermediaries, speciality fuels and other products, as well as industry-leading custom manufacturing services.

False alarms on its lower explosive level (LEL) sensors and the need to improve its GMP prompted Monument Chemical to purchase Ion Science’s Falco fixed continuous PIDs to ensure reliable and accurate monitoring of potentially dangerous levels of combustible gas or solvent vapour, expressed in parts per million (ppm).

Steam quench around LEL sensors often causes false alarms even where no event has occurred.   Offering the ultimate in safety, Falco eliminates false readings found with other competing PID technology.

Unlike some facilities that are legally required to have leak seal detectors based on the type of pumps in use or within areas of concern, Monument Chemical wanted to further improve the monitoring of pump seal leaks as part of its GMP programme.

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