Here at ION Science, we are taking the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic very seriously. Our priority, as always, is towards the safety and well-being of our employees and customers.

We would also like to reassure all our customers that all ION Science locations are open for business as usual, with only minor disruption.

We pride ourselves on having the highest quality of all major components and parts which are entirely manufactured, and quality controlled by us. Unlike any of our other PID competitors large or small, we do not manufacture any of our equipment in mainland China.

We also have the advantage that all our minor components and parts are sourced in the UK/EU and therefore our supply chain is not affected by COVID-19 (Coronavirus).   Subsequently, our lead times for instrument and sensor orders will not be affected.  As usual, lead times are subject to the quantity of instruments or sensors you require. Please contact ION Science for more information.

ION Science is the only UK/EU manufacturer of photoionisation detection (PID) sensors and instrumentation.


Renowned in the industry for our exceptional level of customer service and support, our team is on hand to help you and guarantee a fast response to all enquiries.

ION Science has produced a number of ‘Air Pollution Guides’ following the global economic activity ramping down as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is hardly surprising that emissions of a variety of gases related to energy and transport would be reduced, ION Science has created the following guides within the series for guidance and information: