XP Series Disc Pump

Our highest-performance, efficiency and widest temperature range.

Tightening legislation and the growing global focus on air quality, worker safety and environmental emissions are driving the requirements for a new generation of measurement and monitoring systems. With its combination of high performance, pulsation-free flow, controllability and size, the multi award-winning Disc Pump from ION Science is well placed to enable the development of these systems, from gas samplers and detectors, to laboratory analysers and particle counters

Disc Pump is a multi award-winning micropump platform, which is enabling innovation across sectors from medical and life sciences, to environmental and defence through wearability, portability, and simplicity.
We offer two product lines: the entry-level BL Series, which strikes a balance between performance and cost; the XP Series with our highest performance and widest temperature range to suit the most demanding applications.

All of our pump designs have two pumping chambers. These are configured at the point of manufacture to be in series for higher pressure applications, or parallel for higher flow.

The XP Series offers our highest performance, efficiency and widest operating temperature range of -25 to 55°C, with this unique set of features Disc Pump enables advances across a broad spectrum of Gas Sampling, Detection, Monitoring and Analysis applications.

Key Features

• Exceptional pressure and flow

• Silent, vibration-free operation

• Ultrafast millisecond response

• Lightweight, compact form

• High-precision controllability

• True pulsation-free flow

• Infinite turn-down ratio

• Maintenance free

• Resistant to magnetic fields

Disc Pump Evaluation Kit

The evaluation kit comes with everything necessary to start testing, including two pumps, electronics and PC application for configuration, control and data logging. Evaluation kits are suitable for laboratory testing, proof of concept and product prototyping.


  • Kit Contains:
    – 2 Disc Pumps
    – Driver Board
    – Mains USB
    – Accessories Kit
    – USB drive with PC app for control,
    configuration and documentation.
  • Control Interfaces:
    – PC Application
    – USB-Serial interface
    – Rotary dial*
    – 0-2.5 V analog in*
  • Control Modes:
    – Power control
    – Closed-loop pressure control
    (positive and negative pressure)
    – Bang-bang pressure control

*can be configured to control pressure or power

Product downloads – Ion Science

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Technical Specification


Pressure Range

Flow Range

Vacuum Range


0 – 410 mbar

0 – 0.75 L/min

0 – 320 mbar


0 – 320 mbar

0 – 0.65 L/min

0 – 270 mbar


Pressure Range

Flow Range

Vacuum Range


0 – 250 mbar

0 – 1.35 L/min

0 – 200 mbar


0 – 190 mbar

0 – 1.10 L/min

0 – 140 mbar


Temperature range

-25 to +55oC

Humidity range

0 to 95% RH

Pumping medium


Noise level

< 10dB

Control precision

< 0.1%

Turn-down ratio




30 dia. x 10 mm


5 g

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